Year of Innovation, Reading & Giving

Year of Innovation


Uploading the Arabic Reading Challenge logo to the main page of the Authority’s website

The Arabic Reading Challenge logo was uploaded with the initiative's website link in order to introduce, support and promote the initiative among the Authority's staff and customers

Development of libraries available in the Emirates ID Authority’s centers through equipping the same with new books and publications

The Emirates ID Authority adopted this initiative to involve its employees in the development of libraries available in its centers.

Preparation and distribution of a questionnaire to all the Authority’s employees to learn about their opinions and suggestions on activities and initiatives that the Authority may implement within the framework of the Year of Reading.

The Emirates ID Authority launched this initiative to encourage employees to present their creative ideas that they think they contribute to support the participation of the Authority in the Year of Reading initiative. The number of proposals submitted by the staff reached more than 50

Forming the Year of Reading team by virtue of a formal decision issued by the Director General of the Authority to supervise the implementation of the relevant initiatives and activities

A decision was issued on 7 March 2016 to form a committee to communicate with publishing houses and cultural and scientific institutions, identify the topics to be suggested to employees for reading, set the criteria of the reading competition for staff and propose prizes for the same

Uploading the link of the UAE Digital Library to the Authority’s website and intranet

The initiative aimed at enabling the Emirates ID Authority’s staff, customers and website visitors to take advantage of the library's contents and encouraging them to visit the library and download the books available.

 A book from your Publications Initiative

Through this initiative, the Emirates ID Authority addressed the cultural and media entities and institutions and research centers in the state to provide them with copies of its publications to be distributed to the centers' libraries. Accordingly, 78 centers were sent 15 copies each.

 Reading Corner at the Headquarters

The Emirates ID Authority has started establishing reading corners in the lobbies of its headquarters through adding bookshelves in the available space next to the reading tables and seats

 My e-Book

An electronic version of a set of valuable books that are beneficial to the employee in his career and personal life was provided and sent by e-mail to employees

 Reading Letters

The initiative consists of sending letters by email encouraging employees to read and giving them awareness-raising suggestions to help them making reading part of their daily life by explaining the methods and rules of useful reading.

 UAE Innovation Week

The Emirates ID Authority organized at its headquarters an innovation week during which it presented its latest smart e-services and projects and its role as one of the government entities that contribute to the support of the knowledge-based society and the process of national development through its ID card-based services.

 Creativity and Innovation Strategy

The Emirates ID Authority launched its creativity and innovation strategy 2014 – 2016 in all the customer service centers affiliated thereto through the organization of workshops for employees to explain the strategy and its objectives, initiatives and programs.

 Partners in Innovation

The initiative included videos for the entities participating in the Emirates ID Authority’s events on the occasion of the UAE Innovation Week uploaded to the Authority’s YouTube channel and promotion of the same on social networking pages, including Al Hilal Bank and Mashreq Bank initiatives of using the ID card as ATM car

 Innovative Card Reader

Development of an integrated software package that handles ID card in several programming languages and that is compatible with different smart card readers, enabling government and private entities to handle the card and read its smart chip

 ID card data reading on mobiles and tablets through NFC technology

The mobile NFC reader allows for reading the ID card’s smart chip data using all types of mobile phones or tablets within seconds. This helps reduce the time and effort required to enter data and complete transactions, avoiding all errors that may happen using the traditional data entry methods.

 Blood Donation

To enhance the culture of humanitarian and volunteer

 International labor day

To promote community and environmental sustainability

 Medical Activities In Ramadan

To enhance Health awareness

 Beach Clean initiative

To preserve the environment

 Initiative to Support orphans

To consolidate the concepts of good and giving

 "Tahadu Tahabu" Initiative

To Boost the positive energy

 Ramadan Iftar

To Promote a culture of humanitarian and volunteer

 Zayed Humanitarian Work Day

To support our corporate social responsibility and to Promote a culture of humanitarian

 "Ramadan Meer" The Month of Giving

To contribute to charity and donations for the less fortunate.

 Suhoor Gathering

To Promote social development and instilling authentic Islamic and values in Ramadan

 Eid Dress Initiative

To Promote social development and instilling authentic Islamic and values in Ramadan

 Amentak Beladak

Reflects the national approach and spirit of the nation and the spirit of patriotism of UAE citizens

 Abashar Ya Watan

Spreading the culture of volunteerism and promote the culture of social responsibility

 Vaccination Campaign against "Flu"

Educate the employees to take the necessary measures to prevent diseases in general.

 Blood donation

Establishing social solidarity among the society

 Warm Winter

Enhance the spirit of participation, social responsibility and humanitarian work

 Be Different

Establishing social solidarity among the society

 Your health in your hand

To build up the employees and customers awareness about maintaining their health and avoid diseases

 Medal of Zayed

To appreciate the efforts of ICA's employees and encourage them to double their performance

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