Digital Signature & Timestamp service

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Is a service that enables entities and individuals to digitally sign documents and transactions using their ID Card, with a timestamp on the signature that shows the date and exact time of the signature.

The timestamp cannot be changed or altered even by the owner of the digital signature himself which gives undisputed accuracy of document and transaction creation and updates.

  • Step 1 Prepare request Prepare your request
  • Step 2 Submit request Submit your request
  • Step 3 Collect ID Progress of the electronic service if the request is approved

Targeted Audience for service

Government and Private Sector Service Providers

Terms or Requirements to receive service

  • Connectivity to the Validation Gateway
  • DG Approval

Steps for service

  • Fill Service Request
  • Attach official letter to service request
  • Submit Request

Required Documents

Official letter to DG from the entity requesting the service

Team responsible of e-service

  • +971 50 481 7327

Benefits of the Service

Ability to sign documents in a secure manner with the ability to track the time of creation and updation of document

Delivery Time

Service activation can take from 7 to 14 days Service is real time- Online



Contact Information

Call Center 6005 30003

Submitting centers

Online service. No Location

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  • iOS
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  • Windows

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