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  • Applies to UAE National
  • Without Social Insurance
  • Age group Above 15 years old

After the expiration of ID, the ID holder is requested to apply for its renewal.


For more information, or help, you can directly contact us via ask hamad service or contact FAIC on 6005 30003 .


Service Code



B) Mobile applications

UAE National without social welfare (over the age of 15 years)

  • Original passport (or a certified copy thereof)
  • Original Family Book (or copy thereof)
  • The expired ID, and in case it is not available, the issuance of ID number confirmation from any of the principal ID registration centers.
  • Service Fees

    • UAE Nationals: AED100 for a 5-year ID and AED 200 for a 10-year ID.
    • GCC Nationals: AED 100 for a 5-year ID.
    • Expatriates: AED100 for each residency year.
    • Printing and Service Fees: To be applied on all procedures (AED 70 for application through printing offices and AED 40 for electronic applications through the Emirates ID website)
    • AED 150 express service fees in main service centers
    • AED 1000 for the mobile vehicle service per family per day for UAE and GCC nationals and residents in the UAE though contacting the call center or the service center (per person + per family + per day) except VIPs and social welfare beneficiaries and old people and those with special needs and autistic individuals who can't reach the service centers.

    Service Scope

    Renewal of expired UAE ID

    Service Eligibility

    All UAE and GCC nationals, Expatriates, residents of the UAE whose UAE IDs had expired.

    Service Policies

    • Customers who are late in submitting ID card applications are fined AED 20 per day up till AED 1000 as a maximum.
    • Delay fines shall be applied on ID renewal procedures after 30 days of its expiry.
    • Delay fines shall be applied in case of any delay in reporting any data change after 30 days of the occurrence of the change.
    • Persons exempted from fees (social welfare beneficiaries + nationals with special needs and autistic individuals)
    • Services that are not included in fees exemption (Mobile vehicle service + Express Service)
    • If a customer wishes to change the personal photo printed on the renewed ID, this should be requested at the time of application submission.
    • Expatriates and residents may request refund of ID issuance fees if they pay for a longer validity ID and then a shorter validity ID was issued for them because of shorter residency permit from one of the service centers.

    Service Level Agreement

    ID shall be issued within 48 hours from the time of submitting the application (Provided that all security permits and other procedures are completed on time).

    Service Availability

    • Service shall be available 24 hours/ 7 days a week through the mobile application or the live chat and service center.
    • Through service centers during listed working hours

    Service Channels

    • e-form at Emirates identity authority website
    • service centers\typing centers
    • mobile app

    Customer's Customer Journey Steps

    • I have received a text message reminding me to renew my ID and the steps to be followed in this regard.
    • I understood the steps to be followed in order to start renewing my ID.
    • I have started the renewal process through my preferred service channel
    • I have received a text message informing me of the status of renewal application.
    • I have received my UAE ID through my preferred channel.
    • I have been urged to provide my feedback on the renewal process.
    • I have provided my feedback about my experience through my preferred channel.

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