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Steps to access the service

  • Step 1 Chose Communication Chanel
  • Step 2 Complain and receive complaint number via SMS
  • Step 3 Receive solution
  • Step 4 Evaluate the Service

Service Scope

Log complaints

Service Eligibility

All UAE nationals, GCC nationals, expats and residents who interact with ICA during their residence period.

Service Level Agreement

The complaints will be resolved within 24 hours.

Service Availability

  • The service will be available around the clock (24 hours) throughout the week through all channels.
  • The service will be made available through service centers during normal working hours.

Service Channels

  • Website
  • Service centers
  • Call center
  • Email
  • Post
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Mobile phone applications
  • Live chat
  • IVR system

Customers steps

  • I faced some problems when dealing with ICA, so I want to provide a complaint.
  • I communicated with ICA through my preferred channel, and provided my complaint.
  • I received a text message with the referential number of my complaint and the expected date for the solution.
  • ICA called me to follow up my complaint and provide –if required- further details.
  • I received a text message confirming resolution of my complaint, and the procedure taken by ICA.
  • I filled in the survey form regarding my satisfaction about the solution delivered through my preferred channel.

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