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 Emirates ID Card
Delivered to Customers

For the year 2017
Total Emirates ID Card Production
56 No. of offices in the UAE Total Emirates ID Approved Centers430

Emirates ID Website Traffic

Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship provides the visitors to its website a platform of open data in order to enable them to benefit from the information and statistics available, use them as per requirements and download them in different formats.

ID Card Statistics

Document TitleDate PostedCSVPDF
Emirates ID's strategy ratios for 2010 - 2013 30/04/2014 Download(47.5KB) Download(77.8MB)
ID Card Delivery Statistics 2011 - 2014 26/10/2014 Download(27KB) Download(20.5 KB)
ID Card Production Statistics 2011 - 2014 26/10/2014 Download(27KB) Download(20.5 KB)

Website Statistics

Document TitleTotal VisitsDate PostedCSVPDF
2018 Emirates ID Website Traffic 5,040,255 14/11/2018 Download(1 KB) Download(74 KB)
2017 Emirates ID Website Traffic 6,855,441 04/12/2017 Download(1 KB) Download(74 KB)
2016 Emirates ID Website Traffic 5,404,356 30/01/2017 Download(1 KB) Download(64 KB)
2015 Emirates ID Website Traffic 5,254,849 14/06/2016 Download(4 KB) Download(200 KB)
2014 Emirates ID Website Traffic 3,721,719 01/03/2015 Download(6 KB) Download(174 KB)
2013 Emirates ID Website Traffic 4,087,935 05/01/2014 Download(18.1 KB) Download(234 KB)
2012 Emirates ID Website Traffic 3,185,133 18/08/2013 Download(6 KB) Download(198 KB)
2011 Emirates ID Website Traffic 1,321,525 7/2/2012 Download(6 KB) Download(116 KB)
2010 Emirates ID Website Traffic 1,218,856 2/5/2011 Download(11 KB) Download(116 KB)

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