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10/12/2018 "ICA" praised the cooperation of diplomatic missions by expediating issuance and renewal of documents for violators from their nationals
10/12/2018 Adoption of” ID” Number for the Healthcare File in 16 Hospitals and 44 Centers
08/12/2018 "ICA" organizes workshops of "happiness and positivity" in GDRFA of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah
04/12/2018 “ICA” and “MOE” discuss cooperation enhancement to achieve the National Agenda targets
03/12/2018 ICA announces extending the time limit of "Protect Yourself by Modifying Your Status" Initiative till the end of December.
01/12/2018 Al Shamsi: The Federation has built a modern and stable state and laid down the bases of a distinguished united state
30/11/2018 ICA recalls the achievements of the founding leaders on the 47th National Day
29/11/2018 "ICA" celebrates the Commemoration Day and raises the awarness of its employees about the sacrifices of martyrs
28/11/2018 Al Rashidiya Center employees sign the "Loyalty and Belonging Document"
28/11/2018 Al Shamsi: "Commemoration Day" is A day of pride where the values of bravery and redemption prevail
27/11/2018 ICA’s Future Shaping Forum discusses the Practices of Local and Federal institutions
26/11/2018 ICA introduces "Medal of Zayed" to honor its excellent employees
26/11/2018 4 days left for the residency's violators till the end of the grace period of “Protect Yourself by Changing Your Status" initiative
25/11/2018 "FTA" commends the role of "ICA" in refund system of "VAT" to tourists
25/11/2018 Al Rashidi: No tolerance with residency violators after the end of November
24/11/2018 The Cabinet approved a Decree on the Long-term Visa Provisions for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Talents
24/11/2018 Crown Prince of Ras Al Khaimah Unveils Five-Star Board at "ICA's Customer Happiness Center"
22/11/2018 "ICA" Intensifies Efforts to Facilitate Entry Procedure for "Formula 1" Guests
22/11/2018 "Executive Affairs Board of Nationality" confirms the importance of developing customer happiness services
22/11/2018 "ICA" review the best practices of "TRA" in Human Resources

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