Pin Code & Activation Process

Pin Code & Activation

Protecting your PIN is up to you. Think of it like a key. Instead of unlocking the door to your house or car, your PIN unlocks the gateway to your personal information. We regularly lock our houses and cars, but too often, we’re careless about the “keys” to our Personal information and possibly soon our financial, Health, and private information.

PIN Code

The pin code is one of the means used to get access to the private data in your card and authenticate your identity, it comprise of 4 digits that other and recommended to be changed regularly (using Card reading program offered by ICA).

In the case of attempting three false entry of your pin code the ID Card deactivates this functionality and in order to reactivate it, you shall visit the nearest registration center or ICA kiosk machine (soon).

Reactivation process

In case you have not activated the Pin Code during the registration process or you have accidently deactivated your pin functionality, visit our nearest registration center (no need for an appointment) notify the center supervisor that you would like to activate your pin, the ID Card is required during this process, and you must authenticate yourself to set new 4 digit pin code.

3 factor of Authentication

It’s something you Carry “ID Card”, Something you know “PIN Code”, and Something part of you “Finger Print”

Today the identity management provider’s, Financial institutes, and Governments nightmares are identity theft and fraud.

Identity Theft

Happens when someone gathers personal information about you and assumes your identity as your own; with UAE ID Card the information he gather won’t help as you are protected by the above 3 factor of authentication, and UAE protecting its services by mandating Customers to supply the ID Card and Authenticate the holder using the 3 factor of authentication.

Identity Fraud

Consists mainly of someone making unauthorized charges to your credit card, or using online services on your behalf, or your banking services; with UAE ID Card he will not be authorized to do so if you protect your ID Card and PIN number and demand the above 3 factor of authentication process to be applied in order to get access to your sensitive and financial information.

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