E-Consultation Making

Subject of E-Consultation

Emirates Identity Authority (ICA) is keen to enhance its corporate reputation, improve the level of services it provides to its customers, apply the concept of "Customer Experience Design" aiming at engaging the public in the development of government services in accordance with the international best practices and standards by developing the homepage of its official website to enable its customers to access easily to its electronic and smart services according to their desire and requirements by getting benefit from their practical experiences and opinions in relation to the development of smart services and applications, the matter which increase the level of their satisfaction and achieve their happiness.

Objective of E-Consultation

Engage the customers in updating and developing the Authority's website pages through complying with their opinions and suggestions.

Expected Results of E-Consultation

ICA will discuss the public's views and opinions and work on the implementation of feasible development proposals and ideas that will improve the website pages in order to raise customer's happiness indicators.

Survey about Emirates Identity Authority website

Survey about Emirates Identity Authority mobile application

Start Date 03/08/2017
Closure Date 18/08/2017

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