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  1. Tolerance is a Great Value Read more

    Tolerance is a great, humanitarian principle and value which carries noble, precious meanings, as it is a supreme moral, which mounts the throne of other values. Tolerance purifies hearts, purges souls, touches psyches, joins and unifies persons spiritually and morally, enhances the feeling of mercy, cordiality and sympathy among people, especially that the nature that Allah instilled in us as Muslims, is kind nature instructed us to be virtuous, good doers and tolerant.

    Be always tolerant and generous to have the guidance of Allah in everything around you and a blessing which can't be received except by persons who forgive and trust in Allah, since man is not appreciated by the things he owns, but by the things he grants. How beautiful to be as rain, wherever falls, it will benefit!

    Nowadays, tolerance is considered to be one of the most important topics, which we must focus on, due to its essential role and positive, significant effect on our lives in light of the many troubles that come over the world and the crisis and wars whose negative effects reflected on all human beings, made the whole world in a strong need to tolerance by all mans and to show it in words and deeds. Tolerance is considered an essential to achieve the interests of all individuals and societies.

    The idea of tolerance is often connected with several fields, such as social, cultural, political and religious fields because tolerance in general are involved in all aspects of life and it considers the cornerstone of building safe, peaceful societies. Religious tolerance is to live peacefully with all religions and to practice freely the religious rites away from fanaticism, in addition to cultural tolerance, freedom of expression, talking with others without violating the public ethics of talking, in addition to the racial tolerance which is to refrain from treating some races or descents with inferiority.

    There is no doubt that our societies adopt dominant values based on tolerance, which boosts the coexistence and communication between individuals to shape a promising, bright future based on successful, humanitarian relationships because the civilized nations won't make

    progress or upgrade save by work, cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect, which reflects the benefits and welfare of the countries and citizens and achieves the higher objective of human, which is the construction of land, happiness of people and the good standard of thier life.

    The concept of tolerance is one of the good habits and desirable characteristics, where Allah the Almighty has ordered (So overlook any human mistakes with gracious forgiveness) Surah Al-Hijr 85. It was a feature of the great prophets, and the best example for us in showing effective forgiveness, tolerance and positive coexistence among people is our noble Messenger, All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him, and his best companions, as He advised us to exchange greetings of peace, spread tolerance, mercy and love when He said: (Forgive those who wrong you, maintain relationships with those who boycott you, give those who deprive you).

    UAE is a beacon of benevolence, tolerance and giving all over the world, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: "The most things we boost people and world are that we are a country where all human beings live with true love and true tolerance."

    Tolerance and giving are two sides of a single coin, The tolerant does not wait for reciprocity. Each of us is exposed to situations in which others may be wrong, both personally and in practice, which requires us to love all the people, whether friends or co-workers, and pardon them for their mistakes (forgive your friend, even if he slipped, as no one is perfect); This does not mean forgetting what has happened or what we have experienced, but remembering without being reprimanded and encounter abuse of charity and amnesty when able to seek excuses and overcome the mistakes of others and remember their advantages and not focus on their shortcomings or exclusion simply because there is a difference with them.

    The person who has the ability to tolerate and make good work is a person with a rational mind and balanced in his personality and deal with others because the most rational people excuse people.

    Finally... The more you give the more people love you, forgive those who attack, keep away from their abuse, and make tolerance your way of life and daily behavior.

    Mariam Fadlallah, Senior Registration Officer - Al Dhaid Customer Service Center

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  2. Year of Giving Read more

    A “Year of Charity” is a three-word brief statement, but full of noble meanings inside, with which we start our new year to make it a year of giving, philanthropy, mutual solidarity and compassion. These notions are well-received by the Emirati society as they are typical of human nature and a way to achieve Allah's satisfaction without waiting for a reward or thank-you messages from others. Giving is an act that puts a high value on man and helps spread love and rapport among society members, clear the hearts and remove hatred.

    Mariam Fadlallah, Senior Registration Officer - Al Dhaid Customer Service Center

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  3. Not just a card Read more

    Sometimes, I follow up reports of our local newspapers that reveal how people (citizens and expatriates) underestimate the ID card. For this reason, the Emirates ID Authority should go ahead with its campaigns to tell the ID users how to make the optimal use of such highly important card and how to protect it from any abuse by people with bad or criminal intentions. Many see this critical card as just a paid tool to complete the requirements of visa for residents or a transaction in one place or another. This is obviously reflected in the large numbers of the ID cards left at the Emirates Post offices waiting for the cardholders to pick them up.

    Ali Al Amoudi- Writer, Al Ittihad Newspaper

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  4. Patriotism Read more

    The nation represents one of the most precious treasures in which humans take pride. It is the cradle of childhood, the path leading our steps, the place of youth, the refuge of old age, the source of all memories, the spotlight of our lives, the homeland of our ancestors and the haven of our descendants. (Quoted) A person without a nation is a person without an identity, a past or a future. Our love for the nation is irreplaceable; it is the land of our fathers and forefathers; the land of virtue, blessings, generosity and purity.

    Mary Fadlallah

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