Customer Satisfaction Survey for the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Dear Client,

Kindly give us 30 seconds of your time, to provide us with your opinion by answering the questionnaire. Your feedback and suggestions will play a big and important role in improving the work at Emirates Identity Authority.

1. Kindly rate Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship using the following criteria.*
Completely satisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat satisfiedNot satisfiedNot satisfied at allNot applicable
What is your overall level of satisfaction with FAIC?
Easiness to reach our service centers
Speed of service delivery in service centers
Easy access to the service procedure
Staff behavior inside service centers
Accuracy of service information inside the service centers
Service centers from (appearance, cleanliness, queue system)

2. What are your suggestions to improve the service and offer it in a more efficient manner to the public?

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